Monday, November 15, 2010

tribute to wonder woman


My mother is amazing.  I think I’ve always known this, but our trip to London just gave me more evidence of how utterly remarkable this woman is.

Not only did she come out and watch my three unruly kids for 6 full days, she seemed to ENJOY it!  She just jumped right into the thick of my life and did everything with much more grace and enthusiasm and smiles than I can ever pull off.

I came home to find my kids in paradise.  Oh the way home Charlie even said, “I wish Grammie could be our mom!”  I don’t blame him for one second.  She took them to the aquarium and on all kinds of adventures, had crafts for them to do, made veggie stew with them from all the stuff dwindling in the garden, read to them….the list goes on and on.

And, on top of all this I came home to a clean house, empty hampers, organized cupboards (yes, she organized my shelves and cupboards!), a clean oven (hasn’t been cleaned for years) and a stocked fridge. 

Even after a whole month I keep finding little extra things that she did or cleaned or organized while she was here.

Then, my dear dad flew out halfway through to surprise my kids and my mom.  He was his regular imaginative  playful self that my kids adore so much.  He had them going on errands to find the perfect leaf for the Polar Express to bring back to Santa and told them so many great stories. 

So a big thanks to both of them.  There is something so great about leaving your kids with people who know much better how to do your job than you do and who adore and love your kids so completely.

And an especially big thanks to my mom.  A huge thanks.  And a big question:  How in the world does she do it all?  And how does she never ever complain?  I want so much to be a cheerful, hardworking mother like she is.  


  1. You do have a wonderful Mom. You're so blessed. Maybe when we're not in the thick of the thick of it, we'll be able to bring that much energy and efficiency to our children's homes! Although, like you, I pine for a bit of it now!

  2. Saydi, you're SO nice but I didn't do anything that you wouldn't do for Hazel and Emmeline a few years hence! You'll know how much fun I had then!
    In the mean time, hug those kids for me too!

  3. Yep, Mom is wonder woman for sure....and so are you.



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