Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas, Charity Style.

IMG_4821IMG_4823I can’t believe that Christmas has already come and gone.   Each year at this time I vow that I will do it with more presence and peace than I have just pulled off.   But, each year it’s a crazy blur, dotted with moments of intense joy and peace that quickly get swept away by the next thing, gift, moment.   So much all packed together.  I love it, but at the same time it’s hard work!

Thankfully this year my little sister Charity arrived a few days before Christmas and really helped me catch the Christmas spirit.   I wish everyone could know Charity, and know her well.   She loves life so fully, lives so passionately and she makes the air kind of sparkle when she’s around because she sees the magic in life.   If you don’t believe me, go read her blog.   She is fantastic and she got us all into shape when she arrived.

She put on the music, got us going on Christmas cookies and swooped in to save me by helping carry all my burdens.   She read the kids Christmas stories and put them to bed and did my dishes and came along on all my boring errands.  She cooked with me and wrapped with me and talked with me and just made it feel a lot more like Christmas around our house.   It was just what we needed.  IMG_4838     IMG_4828IMG_4832IMG_4826 Charity adores my kids which makes me so happy.  She is really what Hazel has been needing.   Someone to just totally love her for all that she is.   Sometimes it’s hard for me to do that for Hazel cause I’m so busy raising her.  

More details on Charity and Christmas to come.


  1. I hope I'm lucky enough to meet this awesome girl sometime. She posted such a nice comment on my blog. She's just a good way. You are one lucky sister!

  2. rock on. she even brought christmas cheer here in november. you really sparkle sayds...too

  3. Oh man, we missed her around here but so glad to see what she produced there! She just brings that passionate spirit everywhere she goes! Wow, what amazing Christmas cookies! You gotta love those sugar cookies at Christmas, but those are truly extraordinary!



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