Wednesday, December 01, 2010


My brother Tal and his lovely wife Anita came up from NYC for Thanksgiving and boy did we ever have a great time.  My kids love having aunts and uncles around, and so do I.  They were such great guests, so helpful and fun to be with and talk to.  I just wish they lived next door so we could bask in their company all the time.  IMG_4039IMG_4026We had Thanksgiving dinner over at Heidi and Mikes.  Heidi was a lovely host.   The kids ate all of 4 bites before running off to play together which left us with a lot of good food and no interruptions.   It was perfect.   IMG_4031 - Copy IMG_4037 - Copy

Tal pretty much single handedly ate that bowl of mashed potatoes.   Gotta love having that guy around, especially when there’s a lot of left overs.

We had a really great weekend with Tal and Anita.  I wish I’d have taken more pictures so I could remember it all more vividly.   We went out to Springfield and saw the museums there and the basketball hall of fame (we split up so everyone was happy).  Those Springfield art museums are great and they had so many great kids activities which Hazel loved.   We ate good food both at home and out (my first time to 5 guys….it was tasty).   Tal and Anita and Jeff and I spent a lot of time talking about all kinds of things.   Those guys are so fun to talk to.   I especially loved talking with them about marriage.  They each have such interesting perspectives and I think we all came to some pretty altering epiphanies.

I just hope they come back and visit again sometime soon.


  1. getting tal to eat. i always think of the race at bear lake and how much that guy needs to eat. your house looks so good all decorated up. i love that you got jeff that wheel!

  2. How fun to see these fun pictures of Thanksgiving. We totally missed that until now! LOVE IT!



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