Monday, February 07, 2011

snowed in.

Over the past 4 weeks we’ve seen more snow accumulation than Boston has seen in something crazy like 50 years.  To really get an idea of how much shoveling Jeff has done he needs to be standing right at the corner of that fence…..I think that pile is at least 8 or 9 feet high.  There is just nowhere to put the snow right now.  I’m not much help out there with my big belly, so Jeff has been killing himself chipping away ice and heaving up big shovelfuls of snow.  I’m so thankful for him (and for that one teenager who stopped by one day and did all the work for $20….why didn’t I get his number?). IMG_7400Despite all the accumulation, it’s still a little hard to work with.  Here’s the snowman Hazel made after school one day (it did look a little better before the eyes got eaten by some small animal and before I stole my scarf back from it.  The kids have liked the snow a lot more than Jeff and I have.  It really makes everything so hard. IMG_7406The other day a friend of mine asked me what I think all this snow is doing for the emotional moral of our area.  Really, you can’t get around.  Most streets feel like one way streets and traffic is slow until you get to main freeways.  She pointed out that people could either be getting really frustrated, or they could just be forced to slow down and relax.  I think (by all the honking I hear) that most people are just plane frustrated.  Because I’m lucky, and most days I don’t have to get too far I’m trying my best to take the other approach and see this as a good excuse to slow down, to enjoy.

I’ve banned any kind of cell phone use while driving (it’s just too scary with all the people forced to walk on the roads).  This has made me enjoy music or pretty interesting conversations with my kids while driving.

I’ve cut out a lot of errands that I think I would have felt were really important before.  I’m trying to focus on either getting by with out things that I think I need to run around and get, or finding them online. 

I’ve spent more time inside with my kids.  Reading, cooking, enjoying, getting some projects done. 

I remember last summer when things were so busy longing to be snowed inside with not so much to do. 

Looks like I got my wish.  I better not complain.  IMG_7416IMG_7419IMG_7424

Even with this attitude, winter is hard for me.  I need a little more beauty and fresh air in my life than I have right now.  It’s scary to get out there with this baby belly.  Thankfully I have a few beautiful things in my house to remind me that spring will come soon. 

The Paper Whites we planted in November,and have been eagerly watching for signs of growth.

The Orchid that actually bloomed for a second time that Jeff gave me for my birthday.

This squirming life inside of me… little personal heater through this cold long winter. 

My blooming kids, learning, delighting in things I wouldn’t have noticed. 

These things remind me that there is hope of green and warm and growing and golden somewhere in the (hopefully near) future. IMG_7250


  1. Amazing pictures. Beautiful flowers. I guess you have no choice but to slow down.

  2. Makes for good margins! That's a LOT of snow! Some of our melted but we had a giant three hour blizzard here today. It was gorgeous!

  3. I love how snow simplifies a landscape blotting out color so that the eye focuses on everything in its softenned form. Your photos really reminded me of that.

    And it just occurred to me that combination of big belly, snow, and three kids would make it very appealing to stay inside.



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