Monday, March 28, 2011

golden hazel

I spend a lot of time being a little frustrated with Hazel.  She’s a tad bit high strung and has quite a will of her own.  But, probably 85% of the time she is as good as gold.  She is thoughtful and kind and the best big sibling you could ever ask for. 

As I rushed out the door headed to the birth center to have this baby she gave me this little heart necklase for luck.  I wore it in the tub for a while until it started to melt (heart made of candy) and then we hung it here by the tub to bring me luck.  Maybe she was a part of making this such a perfect birth.  I was happy to have something from her there because I had thought hard about having her at the birth….but Jeff (probably rightly so) thought it might be a bit much for her.IMG_0301

When Hazel came to the birth center she brought with her this little book for me and her baby brother.  Talk about heart-melter!  I had talked to her a lot before the birth about how much work labor and giving birth was.  I guess it sunk in because she spent all morning putting these words of encouragement together for me.  I have to admit, it did make me feel pretty awesome. IMG_8847IMG_8849IMG_0293(she knows I wanted to name the baby george….)IMG_0294IMG_0295I’ve found little papers like this all over the house, and little home made presents laying around his car seat and bassinet. IMG_0296IMG_0341

I’m not sure I could ask for a sweeter big sister.  She is so good to all three of her siblings.  I’m happy she came first (I can’t imagine how different our family would be if Emmeline came first!:O)

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  1. AMEN on Hazel. She is truly a "golden child". How we love that little namesake for my magnificent mom!



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