Tuesday, March 15, 2011

patience is not my virtue……


This is the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a baby and it is testing my patience like no other.  How do you women do it who have to wait until 42 weeks?  I’ve always thought the last part of pregnancy was so fun and full of positive anticipation…...but that’s because I’ve never had to wait too long. 

My mom and dad are here and we’re all waiting around with nothing to do.  Nothing on the agenda.  I think I need a project to get this baby going.

The other hard thing about waiting is getting yourself psyched up so many times for labor.  I get my head all in the game, read through my birthing books, think about my previous births, remember my birthing mantras whenever I have a few random contractions that come on and then…..nothing.  So I get my head out of the game so that I wont be too antsy……and then worry that I won’t be in the right mind set when labor finally does hit…..and it’s back and forth, back and forth. 

I think I’m supposed to be learning about waiting and patience and letting go of control.  Zen.  But I’ve got a thick head and and a stubborn will and I’m fighting off this lesson!  I just want to have more control here! 

I’m sure once I surrender things will start happening, but that means I need to be ok with the baby coming after all my help leaves…..and that’s hard to accept. 

Any ideas out there on how to wait?


  1. Sayds,

    I just called your cell. Hey we are here if you needs us. We would LOVE to help out. Waiting is hard. I know that. Skye was 10 days overdue. It was just so awesome to finally be in labor. Hang in there. Come and jump with us on our tramp. Maybe that will do the trick:) Or just watch the movie by DisneyNature called: Oceans. It is Aaaaaamazing. You will LOVE it.
    We are praying for ya.
    Eva and the FAM

  2. Get a massage. Or, since your parents are already there leave them with the kids and spend the morning doing something you usually wouldn't get to do and then meet your husband for a lunch date .... make the extra time feel like a bonus!

  3. I hear you sista! That is why I always induce a week early :) Try speed bumps, shoveling snow, a pie eating contest or see how many McDonald's cheeseburgers you can eat. Do handstands, a back bend , or the splits. hahaha love you!

  4. I got on here after having seen the picture of the little guy. :P Congrats! I wanted to know if he has a name yet. -Kaki



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