Thursday, March 24, 2011


Peter James Eyre Shumway

March 15, 2011 …..  11:31pm

Cambridge, MA

7 lbs 11 oz …..  21 inches long


We did it!  This child has a name.  Finally. We’ve had some serious family battles over this name in the past week.  The kids have been very opinionated about it…..but it’s finally official.  Everyone is happy.  We signed the birth certificate this morning.

Peter Shumway = first Shumway in our family line.  a French Huguenot who immigrated from France in mid 1700’s in search of religious freedom.   he settled just north of us in Topsfield MA. 

James Eyre = first Eyre to join the Mormon Church in England and make a long faithful pilgrimage to Utah. 

Peter = rock.  walked on water. 

Peter and James = beloved friends and disciples of Christ.

I love the heritage and legacy associated with these names.  We hope little Peter will gain some kind of inspiration and strength from the examples and lives of those he’s named after.


  1. From Mr. Perfect to Peter! He's beautiful.

  2. You must have gotten my voicemail :)

    I love his name. What a great heritage this little guy has.

  3. Welcome, Peter! Congratulations, extended family whom we haven't seen in ages because we're deadbeats! All our love.

  4. Congrats! So glad for you that he is finally here. Beautiful.

  5. Oh I'm so happy! I LOVE that name and he is so darn cute. Sure love you guys, give little peter a big snuggle from us.

  6. A perfect name in so many ways. And he is just gorgeous Saydi. I love the umbilical cord... embrace these days! Love you.

  7. BEAUTIFUL name, child, post! I miss him so much. Such a gorgeous picture! What a legacy to come from. What a true blessing to hold hands with him in the delivery room. You are amazing! Short synopsis of this amazing birth found below:

  8. Absolutely LOVE the strong.
    He is beautiful, congratulations, hope you are all doing well.

  9. Oh Saydi he's perfect. I LOVE the name choice, and it is so well thought out and meaningful! I love his scrunchy little cute! You are an angel wonderful. Sure love ya.

  10. He's beautiful! Congrats to all of you!



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