Saturday, April 02, 2011

another thing I love about having a baby…..

is that people give me flowers.  I absolutely love having a house full of fresh flowers.  Especially since it’s supposed to be spring but it snowed yesterday (great April Fools joke). 

I couldn’t resist posting these pictures:IMG_9654My mom took the kids to the grocery store and they came home with their arms full of flowers.  Hazel picked out the roses, Charlie picked out the tulips.  It’s so nice to have something beautiful to look at while you’re being tortured by a nursing baby.  IMG_9408IMG_9622 Not only does Bridgespan let Jeff have two weeks of paternity leave (which has SAVED me the last two weeks….more on this later) but they always send the most beautiful flowers.  I wish there was a way I could take a picture of how these smelled.  Our whole first floor suddenly smelled like spring.  IMG_9627IMG_9632IMG_9648IMG_9659



  1. There's nothing quite like bringing Spring to your kitchen counter. Makes me happy too. Love you!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing! We woke up this morning to see that our apricot tree, which had just been popping its popcorn yesterday, was covered in 5-6 inches of snow!

  3. I love those flowers too! Nothing like tulips in a beautiful vase to make you happy.

  4. Love seeing these Bridgespan flowers! GORGEOUS!



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