Thursday, June 30, 2011



Look how much he’s grown since THIS picture.  You could barely even find him on that couch a few months ago and now look at him.  Maybe if I can get my act together enough I’ll take a picture of him here every so often.  I love to see him start filling up the scene.

More pictures of this handsome fellow coming soon. I actually got out my real camera today in an attempt to freeze the beauty of him right now.  Can’t wait to share. 


  1. I love coming to your blog, Saydi. I love this shot of your little guy with all that light behind him, like love pouring onto him.

  2. What a fun collection of photos it would be to capture him filling up the couch over time! You're so gifted. Love your heart Saydi.

  3. What fun idea! Can you believe that you created all that? It's a Wonder!



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