Friday, June 24, 2011

my new addiction

Maybe the reason I’m not getting any laundry folded and put away is that I’m totally addicted to this little dude.  I just can’t tear myself away from him at times.  It’s so fun to coax out those big grins and grunty giggles.  Hazel took this picture with my iPhone the other day, and I love it (bed head, blurs and all).  I’ve spent so much time in that exact position lately.IMG_0603The first six weeks of his life was really really rocky for all of us, but he’s certainly made up for it by being a perfectly lovely baby in every way since week 6.  He is smiley and happy and predictable.  He sleeps most nights really well.  He sucks on his little fist to put himself back to sleep.  He smiles and coos.  There are big chunks of the day that we forget about him because he just hangs out in my room, happy as can be, and even happier if someone comes in to “play” with him.  When he’s tired his eyes start to get a little red, so we wrap him up and lay him here and leave.  IMG_0606I come back 10 min later to find this little sleeping angel. IMG_0607

I really don’t mean to brag, I really have had my fair share of sleepless, unpredictable babyness, and I’m so sorry if you’re in the middle of that,  but I’m just so ecstatic that I’m finally starting to feel normal again.  And I’m just so in love with this baby.  It’s so funny to me how fast you forget how excruciating something was, how fast time moves on, how fast stages pass because they sure don’t seem to be going fast when you’re in the middle of them.   I remember when Hazel was a newborn, I had my iPod on and the MoTab were singing the song “Turn Around.”  The lyrics are something like, “turn around and they’re two, turn around and they’re four, turn around and they’re a young man walking out of the door.”  I remember thinking how pathetic those lyrics sounded to me.  I was just turning around to find that she needed to be changed or fed or burped AGAIN!  Over and over and over again.  But you know what?  She just “graduated” from kindergarten.  And it kind of just seems like she did it all in a blink while I was turning around. 

As I was running the other day I was thinking about how utterly exhausting this time in my life is.  My body just feels thrashed and sleepy and tired all the time.  But this time with little little ones, this physically demanding beyond belief time, will only last about 10 years of my entire life.  Maybe one eighth of my life.  When I look at it that way I really don’t feel bad about all the time I’ve spent glued to Peter’s smiles.  Before I know it he really will be a young man walking out of the door. 

Now it’s time to get some better pictures of this little guy.  I can’t even tear myself away enough to pull out my real camera.  Thank goodness for my iPhone….without it this baby’s babyhood would be totally undocumented. 

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  1. He is SO cute! Can't wait to hold him and soak up some of those smiles in a couple weeks!



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