Saturday, July 02, 2011

michael jackson does “I’ve Got Joy”–or is it the back street boys?

As part of our school year wrap up we Charlie had his little Joy School Graduation.   He’s been doing Joy School this year with 3 other ruff and tumble boys.  Until this year I haven’t been able to connect with a group of moms and kids Charlie’s age to do Joy School.  Because these boys were all in other pre-schools we only did Joy School once a week  but I’m so glad we did.  There are so many parts of the Joy School curriculum that I wanted him to learn and experience.  Lessons didn’t always turn out as planned  and often I wondered if the more appropriate name for this bunch would be “Silly School” but all in all we had a great time. 

I didn’t get a single picture at graduation (it was C R A Z Y).  But, I do have this awesome video that we recorded on our last day of school.  These boys weren’t really into the singing part of Joy School, but the second I suggested that they make a music video, complete with Michael Jackson moves to I’ve Got Joy they were all over it.  I had a hunch that they wouldn’t be quite as uninhibited in front of their mommy audience so I decided to video it and show it at the graduation instead of have them perform. 

Hazel is manning the iPhone video camera so it might make you a little seasick, but I think her filming style is quiet unique.  It adds an edgy effect (which is what we’re going for here).

Isn’t that awesome!? 

Oh, and have I mentioned how into Michel Jackson Charlie is?  He wanted to name Peter, ‘Beat It.’

I love Joy School.


  1. Very new age photography! Darling silly boys!

  2. Hilarious! Hooray for iPhone's & big sisters.



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