Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Peter–Bear Lake 2011

IMG_6555Peter was a dream baby at Bear Lake.  He was nearly perfect in every way.  He was so fluid and mellow, willing to eat or sleep whenever, wherever.  And, he threw out smiles right and left.  I think everyone was in love with him by the end.  It’s even possible that his cuteness might have made up for some of Emmeline’s terrible twoness.IMG_6695IMG_6412This was the first year for group number 6!  Cubby, Po and Peter.  And they’ve got two mystery members to be born this year who’ll join them next summer.  It’s going to be a lively little group.   IMG_6406IMG_6484I think Po might be the leader of the pack.  She is already, at this early stage in the group development, quietly sending messages to establish her alpha female role (check out the ear pulling, the head smashing). IMG_6420I love how stark the difference in age seems while they’re so little.  I like seeing what I’m in for in a few months, a year, etc.  Next year that’s going to be Peter crawling around, getting splinters stuck in his bare knees. IMG_6496IMG_6435IMG_6437Aside from being cute (and pulling out all my hair….can you see the hair in his hand above?)  Peter spent a lot of his time at Bear Lake being adored by cousins.  2011-07-14 Bear Lake 33584And siblings who were so proud to show him off:IMG_6844IMG_6428And Grandparents:2011-07-16 Bear Lake 33675

IMG_6589And aunts:IMG_6212IMG_6563And his mom, of course.  I could really just eat this guy up 24/7.2011-07-08 Bear Lake 32930He also spent a lot of time chilling on his own (with very little complaining) in his beach pack and play or on the floor or in his bumbo.  2011-07-09 Bear Lake 32987IMG_6662He was just happy as can be the minute anyone came to give him any kind of attention.  IMG_6567IMG_6572IMG_6573IMG_6801I debated and debated whether I should bring this big bumbo with me all the way from Boston.  I’m so glad I did.  He spent a few hours every night sitting up on the kitchen island or in the middle of the kitchen table watching as we all flurried around him preparing meals or eating dinner.  Every few minutes a different person would stop to say hello and smile and he’d beam and kick and get all worked up with glee and then just quietly look around until the next big social interaction.  IMG_6805

Grandfather taught him “the Trick.”  This is, and always has been, my dad’s signature move with babies.  He loves it, they love it (mostly….although Emmeline wasn’t really a fan as a baby).  Look at those sturdy chubby legs of his.  IMG_3233IMG_3237I had to post both of these pictures, I love Peter’s expressions…..IMG_3240


I think it’s pretty safe to say he won every person there over.  He’s just a pretty charming little guy right now.  IMG_6673


  1. My brother does that standing on the hands trick with all the babies in our family! It freakes everyone out but he's never dropped one.

  2. Oh man this "little old man" is about the cutest thing alive for a baby his age. I can't believe how amazingly good he is, especially after holding our breath on him those first 6 weeks. He is a very conversational little angel. We miss him!



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