Tuesday, September 13, 2011

emmeline heads off to school

This girl has been dropping off the “big kids” at the Rockland for two years and now it’s finally her turn.
Do you think she’s happy about it?
IMG_9708IMG_9711I really struggled to decide if I should send her or not, she’s still so little.  But, this summer when she was going through a pretty rotten stage and when the Rockland director offered to do a little barter with me and have me photograph events for her this year in exchange for help with her tuition I decided that preschool would be a good thing for me and miss Emmeline.  A little distance is a good thing when your child is 2.9. 
I’m hoping next year to find a good Joy School group for her.  But for now I’m going to enjoy a little break, get a little bit done and soak her in the other three mornings she’s with me. 
We went to her little orientation last Tuesday.  She was a little hesitant and pretty glad that I was staying with her.  We saw her cute little class room, met some classmates and her teacher and played with some toys.  On the way home she told me, “Mom, you came with me today.  Then, Daddy will come with me on Thursday?”  When I explained that Daddy had to work and she’d go in by herself like Hazel and Charlie had done she seemed a little dubious.  But, when the time came to go back on Thursday we packed up her little lunch box, she posed on the porch, we drove to the Rockland and then, she surprised me.  She hopped out of the car, held Mrs. Melendez’ hand and marched right in without looking back. 
She came home with glowing reports and can’t wait to go again this week. 
Hope that attitude holds. 
IMG_9713We’re all kind of in love with this little girl right now.  I think she’s turned a corner since we’ve been home from Bear Lake. 
We’re all crossing our fingers she won’t want to go back around that corner!


  1. She is a little whippersnapper.

  2. What a doll! Just the look on her face tells you that something has changed. Maybe she's recovered from being displaced as the "baby" and is on her way to her new life!


  3. Yeah Emmaline! Ashton was especially excited to see his little friend heading off into her next stage of life. SO glad this is working for her.

  4. How in the world did that little teeny, tiny newborn I came to meet when she emerged into the world suddenly get big enough to head off to school with a lunchbox slung over her shoulder???? It just can't be possible. Give her a hug from her favorite aunt :) (no, not Charity)



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