Saturday, November 05, 2011

apple picking - 2011

IMG_1302The kids and I made a goal to go apple picking 4 times this year.  We have a great orchard (Brooksby Farms) not too far from our house. We go there every year.   It is everything you’d want in an apple orchard: rows and rows of apple trees, grand vistas of surrounding fall fields, big patches of sunflowers, n farm animals, hay rides, pumpkin patches, apple cider doughnuts, a big country farm store and the most delicious apples you’ve ever tasted. 

We didn’t quite make our goal, but we did go three times. 

The first time was with the Rockland Five (Charlie’s friends and their families from the Rockland last year).  This was Emmeline’s first time really getting the picking part.  She was thrilled about apples everywhere to eat and pick and throw.  And thrilled about trees to climb.  IMG_0823IMG_0819IMG_0852IMG_0916IMG_0915IMG_0840Hazel came mostly interested in taking pictures.  I love it.  She is always thinking of new poses she wants me to capture.  Gladly, Hazel, gladly.  She is such a gem lately.  IMG_0843IMG_0866IMG_0872IMG_0903IMG_0863

Peter was pretty content to lay in that soft grass, all adorned in that adorable sweater and hat made his Aunt Mary Ann. IMG_0896And Charlie had a wild time with this crazy crew.  IMG_0921IMG_0929

The second time it was just me and the kids.  We picked one bag of apples and picked out pumpkins.  IMG_1281IMG_1282IMG_1289IMG_1290IMG_1292And the third time was with our dear old couple friends, Ryan and Barb and their adorable Lillie.  We did a little photo shoot while we were there, and caught an amazing Rainbow.  It is so great to see old friends.  We knew these guys when we were all still single.  We dated together and married a week apart.  They left to China for their extended honeymoon and we took off to the Philippians.   We have a history together….it was so good to be with them again. IMG_2427IMG_2587IMG_2624And I had to take a bunch of pictures of Peter, you know while the camera was out and ready.  Don’t you love that drool?IMG_2668IMG_2669In case you can’t see it very well, here are some close ups.  Evidence of teeth coming in – growing up.IMG_2675IMG_2676IMG_2680IMG_2685IMG_2691Just as we were getting ready to eat our doughnuts and drink our cider we were surprised by a double rainbow.  I’m certain this was the most brilliant, almost florescent rainbow I have ever seen.  It stopped everyone in their tracks.  The whole place just stopped and watched while it got brighter and then faded back into the fall sky.  IMG_2702IMG_2703IMG_2705IMG_2697IMG_2710And of course, we had to stop to see the pigs.  Maybe this skirt isn’t a good pick for the biscuit.  Seems it’s always showing a little something.  IMG_2714IMG_2723

Thanks for another great year, Brooksby. 


  1. Your photos?? Truly glorious. Hazel is really coming into her own, I love seeing her grow up. And that drool? And those eyes? Peter is changing so quickly. He's so darling. Saw Saren tonight at the MWP Salon event. It felt like seeing an old friend I'd known forever. Made me miss you. xoxo

  2. These pictures are simply spectacular! Almost as good as being there. Snuggle those adorable kids for Grammie!

  3. That Peter is so so cute.



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