Saturday, November 12, 2011

go great white sharks!!!

IMG_2055Charlie has totally come alive this season with soccer.  Not sure if it was that he has such good friends on his team, such an awesome coach, or some nudging to get aggressive from his dad or his cousin claire inspiring him, but something has awakened a soccer animal in him.  IMG_2163IMG_2046Sure, half the time he is still chatting with Saul by the goal, or striking up a conversation with someone on the other team but the other half he is INTO IT!IMG_2049IMG_2171Every time anyone scored on their team their arms all shot up.  Victory!IMG_2057IMG_2094IMG_2140IMG_2154

IMG_2177He spent all season counting the days down until Saturday.  He loved every minute of it. IMG_2195


Go Great White Sharks!!!! 


  1. That first picture is golden Saydi. You captured his pure joy. I love it!

  2. Love that Charlie!!



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