Wednesday, November 09, 2011

random fall happenings

IMG_1219For father’s day I gave Jeff a sailing class that I got via a groupon (love those things!).  It was awesome.  We went out in the Boston Harbor with another couple (who Jeff happened to know well from work….) and our wicked awesome instructor.  He was a vet with a mechanical leg and the lesson was both informative and colorful.  He told us that he could tell from the way we looked that we wouldn’t mind his off color, un-pc jokes.  Hmmm.  It was quite beautiful being out on the Harbor with nothing but a quite sail and wind.  One day I’d love to get into sailing.  What a great way to feel alive. IMG_1223IMG_1268My parents came into town for a business school reunion.  It was quit different from their normal visits as they were both laid up with strange, but super painful body ailments.  They said it was good, it was giving me a taste for what it will be like to have them around 40 years from now.  I loved having a chance to serve them for a change while they were here.  IMG_1279Hazel keeps finding adorable places to pose and asking me to photograph her.  This one was taken after a rain storm as she came out of her piano lesson.  The light was really pretty, too bad I only had my iPhone. IMG_1341Emmeline is my little turbo power booster lady when we go to pick up or drop off the kids at school.  She can get Peter’s stroller rolling so fast I can hardly keep up.  When I forget to ask for the power boost she instead melts into a puddle of whines that she is too tired or too thirsty.  Poor girl, pick up comes at the time she is most tired.  I miss taking our little elementary school three houses down the road.  The kids are thrilled with their teachers and classes, if they weren’t we’d be transferring faster than you can say slick banana. IMG_1347Crazy Hair Day at school.  IMG_1360Peter is finally sitting up (like a little champ) and rolling over and, yikes, nearly crawling!!!! Has anyone seen my baby?IMG_1370These were taken at the pond in our cemetery.  I love those shining waters.  We have spent so many lazy hours on that grass over the years.  IMG_1378IMG_1387Peter has started to eat, and I mean really eat.  He and I both had thrush for a few weeks which was not fun.  But, we’re back in working order now and this guy is snarfing everything down. IMG_1391IMG_1435

And last, Charlie got this awesome aviator suit in the mail a few weeks ago from his cousin Camden.  It’s fantastic.  As Cam says, “Just one zip and you’re ready to go!”

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  1. So fun to see and where IS that baby. You've got to quit letting him grow up until next summer!



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