Monday, December 19, 2011


IMG_5678Look at how he fills that scene now!  Stop growing up little boy! 

I wish I could describe how much I love this little guy.  I want to bottle up every single piece of who he is because it kills me that his babyhood is slipping away.   He is full of smiles and curiosity and joy.  He has new little tricks every day that he’ll do on demand.  He giggles and coos and cuddles into me.

Does he have any idea how much we all adore him?  I kiss his little cheeks off and he just looks around nonchalantly as if there’s not a crazy woman trying to eat off his face.  I just hope all my love is sinking into his soul because it’s pretty powerful stuff. IMG_9669IMG_5673IMG_5683

I had high hopes of taking this same picture every month to watch him grow but suddenly nearly 6 months have passed me by. 

For a while my big obstacle in taking the picture was that my plant was dying and I didn’t want a dead plant in the picture.  My friend pointed out that the dead plant makes the picture.  It proves I’ve been busy nurturing other little lives. 


  1. Not sure which I love more, the crazy woman trying to eat off his face or the dead plant. I am the former and know better than to attempt the latter! xo

  2. Can't believe he is six months! I always love your couch pictures. And eating off their faces is the perfect description! ;)

  3. ooh, he's looking more and more like Charlie! :) Love that little smile.

  4. He is so darn cute. Will you send us a pic. of him for the calendar? In fact, we need a picture of each of your kids...

  5. First saw this when it was too hard to comment! Stunning! What a darling child!



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