Friday, December 02, 2011

a new house?

IMG_2917IMG_2792After seeing our Thanksgiving Card picture a lot of people have asked if we moved – either they don’t know us well at all or they’re joking.  But boy do I wish we’d have moved into the mansion in that picture! 

No such luck.  But, we did spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the Cranes Estate in Ipswich.  We often go to Cranes beach, but I have never taken my kids to the estate and boy we’ve been missing out.  It is breath taking.  A huge mansion and a long grassy rolling hill stretching out to the ocean.  And, the grass is really as green as it looks in the pictures.

The day was perfect for pictures, so we I took a lot of them and since we had other people with us (Eva’s family and Saren) I forced Jeff to take a family picture.  I bullied everyone into taking a bunch of them to make sure we had one we liked (grumbling all around) and then we ended up liking the very first picture snapped the best.  Kind of ironic. 

I’m gonna let the pictures tell the story here:



In my dreams I’ll live in this beautiful place, and in real life I’ll just try to visit it more.  And maybe convince someone to hire me to take their family pictures there too.  It’s pretty amazing.


  1. holy cute. I need your boots. I love you.

  2. Anonymous7:05 PM

    beautiful family.

  3. Just gorgeous! We love Crane Beach too. Happy weekend!

  4. Wasn't that house in "The Wedding Planner?"

    Jeff: looking good, my man.

  5. Baylor-

    That was actually a body double...I'm much too busy to be bothered for family photos.


  6. Kenna asked me after looking at your card - is that their house? That would be amazing though.

  7. I was just telling Lindsay H. today about the year when we lived in VA we took pictures in front of George Washington's house at Mt.Vernon. Several friends wrote back to say that they loved our new house!

    These pictures are just spectacular! That lush grass makes me hungry for summer and those adorable faces makes me hungry for hugs! Are they cute or what?

  8. I adore your boots, as well! do you mind sharing what they are? I've hopped over from your sister Shawni's blog (went to East High, just so you know I'm not too stalkerish)... anyway, you have a lovely family. I have four girls and wow, life is full.

  9. I'd hire you in a second if only I didn't live so far away. Love your card!

  10. Go to the free concerts there in the summer! They are so beautiful and fun and you can bring a picnic, blankets, etc. and make a whole evening of it. We loved it.



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