Thursday, December 22, 2011

what will santa do?

Charlie has really backed Santa into a corner this year.  We’re all waiting with baited breath to find out if he gets his hearts desire.  A diamond?  Really?  He insists that he just wants one to put in his treasure box.  But finally the other night he fessed up to his real plan.  If Santa brings him a diamond (he’s not sure that’s really Santa’s style) he is planning on bringing it into the Lego store to trade it in for the Power Miners Crystal Sweeper that he’s been longing for all year long.  I told him I didn’t think they’d go for that at the Lego store.  They are more interested in credit cards or cash.  If Santa doesn’t bring him a diamond he’s hoping for a magical bell from his reindeer.   He wants to test it out and see if it only rings for those who truly believe. 

Hmmm.  What will Santa do?  If he does bring a ‘diamond’, I’m afraid Charlie will think he has a precious position that would bail him out if he ever desperately needs money.  Maybe if Santa does come up with a diamond he’ll have to leave a note explaining that it’s mined from a special place in the north pole and  of the CZ variety so it only has magical value (which it looses if it’s traded in for anything).    And the bell?  Maybe everyone deep down inside believes in Santa and can hear the bell even if they say the don’t believe. 

Either way, it should be an interesting Christmas morning!  IMG_1669Thankfully for Santa, Hazel’s request was much less complicated.  IMG_1671

And Emmeline just wants a highchair for her baby (which it turns out the elves are out of….so Santa is really scrambling!)

And Peter?  I’m hoping Santa will just bring him some diapers or wipes or something else that will not add to our London load.

If you have any advice for Santa, post a comment, I’ll make sure to pass it onto him.  My dad actually is a friend of his and has his email address!

Can’t wait for Christmas morning!!!

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