Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the beginning of the end.

IMG_7754“Young boys should never be sent to bed... they always wake up a day older.” – finding neverland

This is the quote that kept going through my head as we waded through our day today.  I found myself wishing the day would stretch on and on.  Bedtime meant I would have to nurse Peter down, lay him all cozied-up-bum-in-the-air in his crib and kiss him goodnight – and that he would then wake up tomorrow and be one.  ONE! 

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since he sauntered his way into this world (making us wait till his due date).  That magical birth at once seems yesterday and years ago.  Parts of this wondrous year are crystal clear in my head while others are murky.  And those murky ones make me nervous, so much of this life with babies is quickly going to fog up and then suddenly it will be over.  I’ll have a blogfull of pictures and a some burned in memories that will strike up joy and longing. 

I don’t want his baby-ness to end and tomorrow marks the beginning of the end.  Having a baby in the family is pure magic.    He makes us all smile and laugh and always eases the tension on hard days. 

Luckily, Peter is still much more of a baby than any of the other kids were at one.  I’m sure we’re sticking him into the “baby of the family” role and he’ll resent us one day, but for now I’m cherishing his lingering babyness.  His tottering few steps can totter for a while.  No rush little man.  Take your time.

We have a big day planned tomorrow.  A party in the cricket pitch.  A messy birthday cake eating contest.  The kids are all intent upon making the day perfect for our little man. 

I’m just hoping Mr. Peter Pie will wake me up in the night to be nursed and I can sit in the dark and soak up his babyness before it starts to end. 



  1. he is SO cute. holy cow. i was thinking about the ides of march today and realizing that hey - that's peter's birthday, right? still don't know what the ides of march even is, but plan to celebrate it as a holiday (candy!) love you!

  2. Hmmm. This picture makes my heart thump with joy and the words make it flutter. Those precious baby years are so fleeting. Sounds as though you're soaking in every little minute (except when you forget to think about it). I can't believe it's been a year since we experienced that amazing water-birth together! How could that be?

    Hug him for us and tell him we'll bring or get his present when we get there in ten days!

  3. AHHH! Saydi!!! I read your blog as soon as you post! I am lucky if I can get a minute to comment. Both girls are finally asleep.

    WE MISS YOU GUYS!!! Looks like you are having a great time. Maia talks about your kids ALL the time. She misses them too.

    I loved your last post at the castle. Those pictures were just amazing. The light, the view, the kids!! Precious!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PETER!!! I can't believe how big he is!!

    Oh, and Maia wants to write a letter to Emmeline. Do you have an address?

  4. My baby lost her first tooth yesterday and it made me so sad. My last child will soon have those too-big-for-your-mouth & all over the place teeth and there will be no more "milk teeth" smiles for me. It all goes way too quickly!

  5. I'm sure it will be a Perfect Peter Party. I love Shumways do birthdays in a big way.



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