Tuesday, April 10, 2012

wales– day 3

IMG_2217We wrapped up our Wales trip with a pretty mellow day: sleeping in, breakfast at our little cottage, a drive through countryside villages, a walk on another glorious beach, a rock skipping contest and then back to our cottage.  In the afternoon before heading home Jeff did some work calls and I took the kids to the beach just down the street from where we were.  We didn’t know such beauty was just down the road.  IMG_2219IMG_2222IMG_2224Peter slept in the car while the big kids explored through the rocks, finding lots of low tide treasures which we made into beach art.  It’s amazing what you can find in one square food to beach.  There’s a whole little world to be explored. IMG_2225IMG_2226
We packed up and bid our little bungalow goodbye.   The 4 hour car ride home was not the highlight, but we survived and slept soundly, basking in the memory of all that beauty and exploration. 
I hope we make it back to Wales some day.  It caught hold of all of us.

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  1. Wow, there is just nothing like the combination of stark and lush in the great British Isles. i think your eye has something to do with it but these pictures are spectacular!



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