Thursday, May 24, 2012

Leeds Castle

On a gloriously warm Monday in March while my parents were here we headed to Leeds Castle.  It is advertised to be “England’s Loveliest Castle” and it very well might be.  It was certainly lovely.IMG_0932The blossoms were in full bloom and after walking through the grounds and visiting the ducks and geese and swans we we had a perfect picnic on a vast green field overlooking the castle.

IMG_0864IMG_0866IMG_0874Peter practiced his walking skills….IMG_0879Hazel climbed trees while Charlie ran around the grass chasing things.  IMG_0885IMG_0893IMG_0898The inside was almost as lovely as the outside.  They had rooms dating way back and more modern ones as well.  This was someone's residence until the mid 1900s.  Hazel and I decided that we could be quite happy living in a place like this. IMG_0916My dad and Hazel in heaven in the library. IMG_0919IMG_0929IMG_0934

I wish I’d have had my big camera to capture the true beauty if this place….but you get the idea, yeah?IMG_0931

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  1. Sayds what a beautiful place to see with you Amazing parents. So glad you could show them everything and they can see where you live and all that fun.
    On a separate note I have been trying to reach you via phone but no luck. Did you change your number now that you are in England? Would LOVE to do Facetime sometime. Email or text me with your phone number and we can chat. Miss you guys. So happy for you and that you get to see England. Such a dreamy magical land.
    Sure LOVE You all,



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