Tuesday, June 05, 2012


IMG_8483Amy and Rob set us up with some of their best friends, Will and Aga who also moved over to England recently (Rob and Amy are just so awesome that they are like magnets, you can’t help but want to move close to them).  Will and Aga are delightful and even though they barely knew us they invited us up to Oxford (where he is studying) for a day.  It was incredible to see that ancient place with such great tour guides.  Not only did they get us into tons of colleges that we would have either had to pay a bundle for or that just plain were off limits to us outsiders, they treated us royally.  Fed us lunch, gave us all kinds of information about Oxford and were fun to talk to, easy to be with.  It was a perfect day….and I didn’t have to do anything to make it that way.  IMG_8458They have two beautiful girls.  Hazel and their oldest, Daria were like two peas in a pod….  I wish they didn’t live so far away.  IMG_8457Here the kids are sitting next to an old roman wall.  I think Will said it’s one of the oldest things at Oxford….but I can’t remember.  It would have been good to blog about this while it was still all fresh in my memory.  Will really did give us so much information. IMG_8464IMG_8465
I walked around in awe of how old and beautiful everything was.  And also so grateful for a tour guide.  That place is huge and overwhelming in all its grandeur.  IMG_8466IMG_8467IMG_8468IMG_8470IMG_8472IMG_8476IMG_8487harry potter court yard.  Isn’t that tree amazing?  I wish I remembered how old Will said it was.  Next time I’ll take notes.IMG_8494We went to the natural history museum there, which was AMAZING. This picture (above) is off these spectacular tree root sculpture outside of the museum.  Just tree roots, on their sides with all the dirt cleaned off.  They were beautiful (and fun to climb on). The architecture of this museum alone was spectacular.  All the bones of the building surrounding all those dinosaur bones.  IMG_8498IMG_8495And the kids could really touch pretty much anything, so they were in heaven.  Tons of stuffed animals and interesting things to look at.  Hazel and Daria did a little hunt with one of their children’s trails and it kept them busy for too long, finally we had to tear them away.  IMG_8501
Attached to the natural history museum was the Pitt Rivers museum.  We did a quick walk through, but we could have been lost in their for hours.  It was jam packed full of all kinds of weird (and spooky) artifacts, like shrunken human heads.  It was dark and cluttery and pretty fascinating.  IMG_8502IMG_8504IMG_8505IMG_8506Will took us to the Eagle and Child where C.S. Lewis and Tolkien and friends had their Inklings meetings.  The kids were pretty excited to see that since we’ve been making our way through the Chronicles of Narnia and they LOVE the Hobbit.IMG_8508IMG_8515Will took us to his college, Pembroke College.  It was a small, intricate, beautiful place.  I’m jealous that Will gets to fill his mind there.  IMG_8510
We popped into the Chapel there and it was empty except for a student practicing the organ.  Hazel walked around, jaw dropped, in awe of the beauty of the place and power of the music all colliding together.  I was touched too, had tears in my eyes as I watched her, awestruck.  I’m so happy that she gets to experience and feel and see these things.   She feels them deep down.  She is an old soul.  She’s not going to forget all of this, sure, maybe she’ll forget the details, but it’s part of who she is now.  That makes me happy. IMG_8511IMG_8520IMG_8521IMG_8523IMG_8531Christ Church Collage (thanks for the correction Barb).IMG_8532IMG_8533Here is THE Harry Potter Dining hall…..which is actually just the Christ Church dining hall.  Wouldn’t you love to eat your meals there?IMG_8536IMG_8537IMG_8540
Thanks to Aga and Will for showing us such a fabulous day.  Even though I’ve already forgotten a lot of the important details of what was what, I’ll never forget that beautiful day, surrounded by so much history and being taken care of by such good new friends.


  1. my old home! glad you got to explore there. i spent a lot of time at pembroke college during my summer at oxford. magical place. love you and miss you. come home.

  2. Lovely photos of my favourite town. I was an Geology Undergraduate for 3 years in Oxford, and spent a lot of it in the Natural History Museum.

  3. So fun to see pics of my old stomping grounds! All the pics you have labeled as Queen's College are actually Christ Church College, by the way (including the Harry Potter dining hall). That was my college while I was there. xoxo



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