Monday, June 11, 2012

Ray Lodge Primary School

IMG_9329A few weeks ago the kids started school.  As much as we were loving mommy school, we were all getting exhausted and when an opening came up in a school in our village we decided it was the right thing to do.  We thought we might really regret not giving the kids the opportunity to see what school is like here, they were dying to meet some more friends and were complaining of being bored (I HATE that complaint, especially when we’re doing terribly exciting things nearly every day, but that’s a theme for another post). 

Hazel was psyched from the get go, Charlie was a bit hesitant but by the time we had toured the school and bought uniforms his little eyes were twinkling (I think seeing all the kids in the school together playing was what did him in). 

We were all a bit nervous on the first day (that’s the picture of their first day above…..maybe my nerves made it blurry?) but they marched right in, as brave as can be and come out with grins from ear to ear.  Hazel even participated in a school assembly on her first day.  She told me she was proud of herself about 5 times.  Of course, I was proud of her too.

It’s so strange that they both have their own little worlds now.  Our worlds have been so entwined for so long.  It’s hard, but feels good to let go – let them have their own little adventures.

They both are really loving life there and I am loving having a wee bit of down time to get some things done and feel sane again.    Academically things are different here and they’re learning a lot in that arena, but I think mostly they’re learning that they can do hard and scary things.  That going to a new place where you don’t know anyone is hard and scary, but that after a few days you have friends and you start to feel comfortable. 

One day afterschool we stayed to play at the playground and Hazel made a few new friends while we were there.  On the way home she was beaming as she told me how she made the friends.   She told me she had a magical smile and all she had to do was to smile at people and then they would be her friend.  She said, “I am so proud of myself mom.  Now I know I can have a friend wherever I go.”

And that, my friends, is one of the main reasons we wanted to come on this big adventure.  We were a little nervous ripping our kids from their comfort zones, Boston was the only life they’ve ever known.  We weren’t sure how they’d handle it all, but we hoped that the big change would help them find confidence and courage that they didn’t know they had.  We hoped that they’d learn that they really can go anywhere and meet good people, make friends, experience thrills and challenges, overcome their fears and find beautiful life.  

As much as I miss mommy school – all of our adventures we were having together - I am loving watching my kids tackle their own big adventure. 



  1. I'm pretty sure I know where she got that magical smile!
    So, when are you guys coming home? I thought you were only there 6 months. I'm hoping you'll find an excuse to make it out to California again soon.

  2. Absolutely love it! Goes right along with the motto we've always had in our family (but I'm not sure we told the kids about it). "If life is a bowl of cherries, hire a wolf to knock at the door."

    Well done!

  3. Hey Saydi! Just going through your's been awhile. I love hearing about your adventures. Isn't life AWESome? Miss you tons.

  4. What a great experience for the kids. I love seeing them in their little uniforms. And that adventure in Legoland sounds like a great diversion from your normal touring. Home run mom and dad!

  5. I am so happy for them as long as they don't get ms. sharman. I am still always amazed at how many similarities cam and charlie have. they are going to rock the party.



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