Saturday, June 30, 2012

Scotland without incident

We made it all the way to Scotland and back without any serious incidents (well, just one little one, not sure if it’s ever going to reach the blog).  That’s impressive for us.  (Just wait til you see our Canary Island post).  Scotland is a long way and we nearly didn’t go with all we have going on (and considering the state of my nerves),  but I’m so glad we did.  It is now one of my favorite places on earth.   Being surrounded for 4 days with all that beauty was calming to our souls.
We’re busy trying to pack up and ship out of here, so I’m going to just slap some pictures up here since I’m already so far behind on documenting this big 6 month adventure (you’re going to hear about it for weeks or years till I get caught up….or maybe I never will catch up…..that’s more likely). 
The first day we spent driving (it’s a long drive if you have four kids or if you’re English….to them it seems like the end of the world, everyone told us we were crazy to drive all that way).  But it wasn’t bad.  We took lots of time and stopped at lots of rest places. 
IMG_2801We drove through a little part of the Lake District and right past the shores of Lake Windermere which I remember going to when I lived in England 25 years ago.  I can see why it made a big impression on my 12 year old little brain.  It is a beautiful spot on earth.  It was raining and the little kids were asleep so all I could get were blurry iPhone pics, but you get the idea, right?  Beauty. IMG_2803IMG_2797And the little villages by the lake were spectacular.  Lots of old slate and charm. 
IMG_0541Our favorite stop was just after we drove over the border.  We pulled off on a little road (trying to take the most scenic route possible) and found this little playground just under a church and beside a little stream with Shetland ponies.  Could you get more picturesque?
IMG_0555 I think there is something to beautiful places that lights kids up, so a beautiful place with a swing is heaven.  And, by the way, isn’t she looking so big?IMG_0558IMG_0561IMG_0567IMG_0573IMG_0576IMG_0587IMG_0594Look at that rock wall and those ponies!  We all wanted to move in next door. IMG_0606


IMG_2810I just couldn’t stop snapping pictures with my phone (they don’t do the splendor justice).  It was all so soothing to my nerve racked soul.

Sure it was a long driving day, but who can complain when you’re in a huge car, your husband is doing the driving, the kids are being awesome and you have this stuff to look at.
We arrived before sundown (which isn’t saying much since sunset isn’t till after 10) at our little cottage, a stable that was converted into a rental cottage.  It was set on beautiful land and had a huge grassy gated garden WITH a trampoline and a lawn mower tractor.  Mr. Keenan, the landlord, gave the kids rides on the tractor and even let them stter. The kids were in heaven.  IMG_0770IMG_0780IMG_0782
IMG_0869I was especially delighted with the place, mostly because I didn’t have to find it (and I didn’t know what any of the other options were).  I decided this is the way we should always do these things.  Jeff is much more decisive about these things and I’m always happier if I haven’t looked and researched and considered so many billions of options. IMG_0866IMG_0868

We did wake up to a little catastrophe the next morning.  Just a little scare with Peter eating a few (we didn’t know how many) children's chewable Motrins.  The nice Scottish ambulance people came and declared him perfectly ok.   A startling start to the day, but without a little blood pumping scare I’m not sure how we’d feel normal anymore.  IMG_2813
Stay tuned for Edinburgh and lots more beauty.


  1. Anonymous4:24 PM

    How in the world did he get into the chewable childrens Motrin? Wow.

  2. Okay Dad finally pointed out that that green and yellow striped thing is the ambulance door. I thought it was your big car which had just crashed into the ambulance. That would have been just perfect! I think I'm pretty paranoid by now! This post calmed my nerves too! So glad that you got through without any more scares...after you thought Peter had eaten the motrin and his life flashed before your eyes. What stories you will have to tell for the rest of your life!

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