Saturday, July 14, 2012


IMG_9780IMG_9774After the train museum the kids and I took a little street train up into the old walled city of York.  It was spectacular.  Tiny shambled streets. Majestic York Minster.  Old walls and castles.  We walked and explored and bought souvenirs (I hate shopping for souvenirs, but somehow it’s my kids most favorite thing to do anywhere.  They are OBSESSED. IMG_9773IMG_9776IMG_9777York Minster was amazing to see.  So grand that it gave you that small glorious humble feeling.  We walked in and a choir was practicing for a concert that night.  A capella choral music in a grand cathedral just about does me in.  Even the kids felt it and were literally stopped in their tracks, struck with awe at the combination of caustics and architecture all whirling around them.  It was literally awesome.IMG_9779We spent a lot of time wondering through the tiny streets of York.IMG_9781IMG_9783Here were are on the Shambles.  This is the street that Diagon Alley is supposedly based on.  So old it feels like it’s going to fall in on you.IMG_9786IMG_9789IMG_9791IMG_9792You get the idea?  Cool picturesque streets?IMG_9793IMG_9794We stopped at Nandos from some yummy dinner and then walked down and around the York Castle.  Last we made our way back to the car via a walk on the old city wall until we got stuck on some steep stairs with the big double stroller (the small one got stolen with the car).  Some nice strapping men came and helped me down with it and we wondered back to the car to find poor Jeff stuck in the mini van making work calls.  We drove through the city IMG_9795

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