Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kensington Palace and Gardens

IMG_2369Back in April we finally made it to Kensington Palace and Gardens in Hyde Park.  My dear mother-in-law bought us a membership to all the royal places and Kensington Palace had just re-opened after renovations. 

The gardens were small and perfectly lovely (not sure why Hazel looks like her world is ending up here) and the Palace was sweet.  There was an exhibit honoring the fashion sense and style of Princess Diana, which Hazel loved.   Most of the Palace was dedicated to telling Queen Victoria’s story of her childhood, courtship and marriage (she grew up in Kensington Palace).   Hazel and I loved that part because we are kind of obsessed with Queen Victoria.  I love the love story of Victoria and Albert and it was so great to see so many of their love letters, her wedding dress and lots of other pieces of their lives together. 

After visiting the palace Hazel and I decided to watch the Young Victoria together.  Lots of it were kind of over her head, but she still enjoyed it and I was thrilled to have a daughter barely old enough to enjoy a period drama with me.  Yeah!IMG_2367-2IMG_2368

It was a beautiful day, spotted with alternating bright rain and glowing sun.  After touring the palace and gardens the sun came out for good and we spent the afternoon at the Princess Diana Memorial playground (aka Peter Pan Park). IMG_2372 The kids played happily for a long time while Peter and I camped out in one of the tipis.  Jeff came to meet us after work and we got some ice cream on the way home.  Days like that one are what I’m going to miss most about our time in England…..grumpy faces and all. IMG_2376-2

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  1. Ah such fabulous memories! Don't think we ever made it to Kensington Palace. Thanks for making it (to Nedra as well)!



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