Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the love of london

IMG_8558We were graced with a lot of fantastic visitors while we lived in England.  It’s so great to live at a ‘destination’ because you get to have your favorite people come and visit you. 

I was THRILLED beyond belief when Shawni told me that she and my mom were going to come for a whirlwind visit so that they could go to the BB conference held in England.  We only had two short days together but boy did we make the most of it!   Jeff stayed home with the kids all day on Friday so that I could go in, ALL BY MYSELF, and meet up with Shawni and my mom fresh off the plane.  It felt so strange not to be pushing a stroller, I felt a little naked, but oh so free. 

I tell you, a day in London with these two ladies was incredible.  I think it was one of my favorite days ever.  IMG_8559Since they had to catch a train to go up to the conference by 4pm we packed in a lot of stuff.  It’s amazing how much ground you can cover when you have no kids in tow.   IMG_8562We went to Buckingham Palace and walked through St. James park to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.  We stopped to take pictures of all the London Icons.  I was so happy to be actually getting photos of London, it’s so hard to manage a camera and those darn kids at the same time.  And on this day, I didn’t even have to manage the camera, Shawni did most of that. IMG_8571There are so many things I love about the city of London and these girls seemed to appreciate so many of the same things.  I didn’t have to spared my love, and convert them like I have to with my kids in tow.  They just got it, loving it all up right there along with me. IMG_8573IMG_8593IMG_8597

IMG_8604We went into Westminster Abbey which was breath takingly beautiful.  It’s one place that I never got to experience with my kids while there and that makes me sad.  It’s really a must do when going to London I think.  It’s where all the coronations take place, where the royal weddings are, where all the famous poets are buried or memorialized.  It really is an amazing place.  IMG_8609IMG_8615IMG_8620oh, and all those luscious details….IMG_8621IMG_8623IMG_8625IMG_8627Shawni snuck some pictures form her hip….sneaky girl. IMG_8630IMG_8631IMG_8633IMG_8639IMG_8641IMG_8646IMG_8647IMG_8650IMG_8652

My mom loves this statue of Churchill.  I love being with my mom, she always expresses her love for things and it makes me love those things too.  I wonder if my kids will ever say that?IMG_8656IMG_8669I think I’m going to copy my sister Charity here and say that I have a huge crush on Big Ben.  Isn’t that tower amazingly beautiful?IMG_8680IMG_8695IMG_8691IMG_8698We went on the London Eye.  In my opinion this is NOT a must do in London.  It’s cool, the views are pretty amazing, but it’s so overpriced and slow and kind of gimmicky (it’s owned by Madam Tussads and anything with that name on it makes me leery). IMG_8699It is really beautiful to look at though, with that blue sky and that delicate arch. 

IMG_8706IMG_8714IMG_8718IMG_8733After the Eye we walked across the river to Trafalgar Square.  I love that place.  IMG_8738We took a quick spin through the National Gallery to try to find my moms favorite piece in there.  We didn’t find it, but we did oodle at all the beautiful things we did find.   I love being in art museums with my sisters.  IMG_8737Here I am trying to navigate us around, taking my job very seriously:IMG_8735IMG_8741Piccadilly CircusIMG_8744

IMG_8751It wouldn’t be a perfect day in London if it didn’t start to drizzle at some point, so right on cue it drizzled and we took a double decker bus back to Victoria station where we had to say goodbye.  IMG_8753


IMG_8582I can’t think of many better ways to spend a day than with these two in London. 

Oh, I love these two sister friends of mine. 


  1. Oh man did we ever have fun! I was like going home, not only to my darling daughters but to my favorite place!

  2. That makes me miss those moments on that great day. I, like you, love that we all love the same things so dearly. How great to be able to share them.



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