Saturday, September 08, 2012

Stratford upon Avon

IMG_2282While out in the Cotswolds we made a quick trip over to see where our dear Mr. Shakespeare was born.  Man, they’ve really milked that little fact for all it’s worth, everything in this little town was Shakespeare themed, even the McDonalds.

The kids barely know who Shakespeare is or why he is so cool, but I figure sometime in the future they might get it and be really impressed with these photos of them standing where he might have walked. IMG_2283This is the house where people believe Mr. Shakespeare was born.  I’m sure it’s been restored a bunch over the past 400 plus years since his birth, but still, it was cool to see.  We didn’t go inside, too many babies and buggies in our party.IMG_2285IMG_2287I just liked all of these half timbered houses along the main streets.  Charlie didn’t I guess. IMG_2288IMG_2291And I liked Emmeline’s poses.  Always posing, that girl!IMG_2293IMG_2294IMG_2296Hazel is in front of Halls Croft, where Shakespeare daughter, Susanna lived with her husband.    IMG_2298This one (above) is for the middle school oral presentation on Shakespeare life.  These two are standing inside of the Holy Trinity Church where Will was baptized and buried. That’s his grave behind them.IMG_2299And here Peter is inside of the church.IMG_2302IMG_2305We did some nice walking and exploring and playing along the river.IMG_2307IMG_2310Isn’t that house (above) awesome!?  I loved being a place so old and steeped with so much history.IMG_2311

And to top the day off right we stopped at a fish and chips and pizza place for some cheap Pizza to fill us up during the ride home.


  1. is there such a thing as cheap pizza in britan?

  2. Hazel looks so much like you in that last picture. So fun to see all this!

  3. I love the pics from Stratford upon Avon. I live in a little town in Cache Valley Utah that is named after the Avon in England. I've always wondered what it looked like. It doesn't look anything like my Avon, but still:) I've followed you and some of your sistas over the last year or so. You have a sister in Ogden who is great friends with some of my friends. That's how I found you guys. We spend lots of time at Bear Lake each Summer as well, but I will say New Years is my favorite!! Thanks again for sharing Avon:) It makes me happy!!



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