Wednesday, October 03, 2012

peter’s first steps in the cricket pitch.

IMG_8975I can’t believe that that life, the one with the cricket pitch in the back of it, was our life!  It’s all starting to feel like a blur.  I need to get these up and documented, they make me feel like that little toddling peter is still somewhere buried inside the new climbing-running-walking down stairs on his own-Peter.  The Peter who, step by step, is becoming a grown up.

IMG_8980IMG_8981IMG_8983IMG_8986IMG_8989IMG_8991IMG_8992Look at his delight, he has left his crutch behind, he’s spreading his wings!  He’s free!IMG_8993IMG_8996IMG_8997IMG_9002IMG_9003IMG_9004IMG_9007IMG_9015IMG_9018IMG_9021IMG_9022Love love love the tongue out in concentration and delight!IMG_9023IMG_9025IMG_9026IMG_9036IMG_9043One of these days I’m going to make a full on Emmeline pose collage.  I can’t stand how much I love her poses!  IMG_9044IMG_9029And I need to make a collage of all the pictures I’ve taken of Peter’s golden locks.  Clearly I’m a little obsessed. IMG_9051IMG_9054


I want to grab into these pictures and scoop those kids up.  But I can’t, so I guess I’ll go scoop their bigger selves up and smother them with kisses. 


  1. I love that look back at the toy. Watching a child grow up is pure awesomeness.

  2. Anonymous3:26 PM

    This post might just make me cry! LOVE the pics with the tongue out - I also LOVE the one of holding hands!!

    His hair is gorgeous - I know you don't ever want to cut it. My son had beautiful strawberry blond curls as well - we finally got him his first haircut at around 2 years old. I saved the curls in a ziplock bag - I still have them - my "baby" is now 18 !

    Don't blink, because as soon as you do, Peter will be 18 as well.
    Bittersweet seeing them grow up from sweet babies to wonderful adults!

  3. we need to get him and Katie together again. She is walking and climbing and getting into things. Gotta love toddlers!



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