Thursday, March 14, 2013

+ souren = five

IMG_1816 This is the fourth time I’ve had the privileged to photograph this family.  And I have loved seeing them expand.  Every time they welcome me into their home I leave amazed by all the love swirling around that place.  It’s a palpable kind of love, and their kids are getting rooted in it.   I feel it while I’m there shooting, and then I see it over and over again in the images I edit.  I think it’s pretty beautiful. 

I love that they are just who they are, doing what they do and I’m there to capture it.  They don’t put on any pretenses.  Their boys are wild and full of life and joy and the kind of confidence that comes from living in a place built on love.   And boy do they all adore their new little addition.   IMG_1699

IMG_1703   IMG_1891 IMG_1900 IMG_1904 IMG_1940 IMG_1949 IMG_1963  IMG_1998 IMG_2002   IMG_2076 IMG_2125 IMG_2182 IMG_2203  IMG_2258 IMG_2676IMG_2326 IMG_2344   IMG_2395 IMG_2589IMG_2535IMG_2556  IMG_2682    IMG_2738 IMG_2779 IMG_2801

I love this job of mine. 

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