Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

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thanksgiving card 20134

It’s been a good year. 

Here’s our short list of things we’re grateful for this year:

Saydi: happy boys, fiery girls, a bending-hardworking husband, friends who are constantly giving to me, my siblings and parents, a warmish house, our one toilet, long runs through woods, promise of spring, seasons and stages, strong bodies and minds, kids making music, meaning in the mundane, Jesus’ beauty for the worlds ashes, God’s plan.

Jeff: everything.

Hazel: books, Boston children’s chorus, the color turquoise,family, animals, Dad, Mom, friends, food, holidays nature, gospel, scriptures, the atonement, my body, education, house, transportation, talents, sports, music and the piano

Charlie: instruments, the gospel, scriptures, transportation, my brothers and sisters and everybody else, my friends, school

Emmeline: my daddy, my mommy, violins, my hazel, art, fairies

Peter: balls, cars, chili, birthdays, happiness

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  1. In all our talking this week, I somehow forgot to mention how much we LOVE this beautiful Thanksgiving Card. It's even just a little bigger than the actual card so I don't have to find the magnifying glass :) I keep finding new pictures. Love the thankful lists too. I am SO thankful for you!



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