Wednesday, April 30, 2014


charlie and saul baptism-001These two best buddies decided that they wanted to be baptized on the same day.  They were born just two weeks apart and have been best friends since birth.   Their mother’s were a bit hesitant about a double baptism.  They are a pretty rowdy duo and we wanted to make sure that this day was about following Jesus rather than showing off.  And we wanted to make sure they had their own time to shine.  But we decided to go for it and together they shined.  Bright shining lights.  IMG_9049 - Copy IMG_9062 - Copy They were VERY into this little photoshoot that we did for them to get some shots for their invitation.  I’m not sure how many more enthusiastic photo shoots they have in them, so I was LOVING this.   IMG_9174 - Copy IMG_9177 - Copy IMG_9220 - Copy IMG_9264 - Copy IMG_9289 - Copy I love this one ^^.  They look like rambunctious little missionaries, full of life and spirit.  Certainly a shadow of things to come. IMG_9337 - Copy IMG_9392 - Copy IMG_9519-2Charlie was baptized in the same outfit that my dad and all of Charlie’s cousins and uncles and great uncles were baptized in.  It’s getting a little threadbare, but each of those threads were hand sewn by my grandmother, so I was in love with Charlie in his retro white.  IMG_9402 - Copy IMG_9422-3 - Copy They still hadn’t had enough of getting their pictures taken.  IMG_9434 - Copy   IMG_9447-2 - Copy IMG_9448 - Copy I love 8 year old grins.  IMG_9471 - Copy IMG_9508-2 - Copy IMG_9509 - Copy Charlie was thrilled to be baptized by the bishop and his dad all wrapped into the same person. IMG_9513-2 - Copy IMG_9518 - Copy IMG_9526-2 - Copy IMG_9528-2 - Copy Hazel was so sweet and proud of her little brother.   She is a bright light just a tad ahead of him on this path of discipleship.  IMG_9531 - Copy      And Em and Peter were careful observers of what Charlie was doing, what it meant, how it felt.  IMG_9535 IMG_9536-2 We were so happy to have both sets of grandparents come to the baptism.  Charlie certainly felt special.  (can’t you tell by that grin?)IMG_9543 IMG_9552 IMG_9558 And so many other people who have loved and mentored and helped Charlie throughout his life.  Above Charlie is with Eva (my semi-adopted Bulgarian sister) and her family.  They live close by and just pour out love onto us.  So many other dear friends and family trekked all the way to Revere to witness this special day for Charlie (sad I didn’t get more pictures of them, but I was a little tiny bit busy trying to focus on other things!) IMG_9571

   Here my mom and dad are with Lorenza, my doula and Charlie’s first friend.  Lorenza snatched little Charlie out of the tub when he plunged into the world 8 years ago.  I loved it that she was there because I couldn’t help but draw some pretty cool parallels between Charlie’s first birth and his baptismal re-birth.  Click here to see what I mean. 

IMG_9520-2 - Copy

I’m so proud of my Charlie.  He took this step in his life pretty seriously.  He met with the missionaries, read the Book of Mormom (not all the way through, but a hefty bit of it), prayed, wrote in his journal.  This boy has a sensitive soul, one that responds to light and goodness and truth. 

During the entire event the spirit was thick and I felt so much light bursting out of these boys and their desires to follow Jesus Christ.  They will light the world wherever they are.  I can’t wait to see how they build and lift and serve and enlighten the world. 


  1. Wonderful photos of a wonderful day.

  2. Glad we were there to share in Charlie's and Saul's baptisms.

  3. Gorgeous pics!! Congrats!!



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