Saturday, October 04, 2014


I loved photographing little Alice and her family again.  That little spark in her eyes as a baby is still there.  She was full of life and energy and childhood magic.   And her parents were full of love for who she is.  I just can’t get over how much I loved her art and her room and her books, her ballet and tea party, her blonde hair and painted nails.  This is what every childhood should be.  IMG_7710IMG_7750IMG_7757  IMG_7787IMG_7913  IMG_7834 IMG_7855 IMG_7916 IMG_7989  IMG_8007   IMG_7923IMG_8288       IMG_8023 IMG_8036 IMG_8134IMG_8056  IMG_8148 IMG_8152 IMG_8194 IMG_8211 IMG_8311

Hooray for childhood.


  1. Beautiful pics!! I would LOVE to know where they got the Alice in Wonderland pic above her bed... Anyway of finding that out? :)

  2. This made me sigh (and cry)! There's nothing like thinking about childhood to bring out the best in a person! It's a magical time that's hard to really appreciate until it's over (unless you're the parent).



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