Saturday, April 25, 2015

baby a

IMG_8840 I haven’t been posting many previews for clients.  Just so much going on!  But I have to document here that I love my job.  I get to see the best parts of family life and capture them with my lens.  I get to get out of my own life and see into another, different, but similar enough in little ways to remind me that life is pretty fantastic.  I love how photography freezes a moment, strips away all the noise and chaos and lets you look into it the present, to see how truly lovely it is.

I loved meeting this couple and their brand new little baby.   During our session no one tried to push anything and in return this little lady did everything just right.  We had a morning filled with baby peace.  I had to tear myself away to go back to my own little (but much louder) darlings.   IMG_8855 IMG_9026IMG_9164IMG_8858 IMG_9095IMG_8882IMG_9276   IMG_9147 IMG_9260 IMG_9223   IMG_9296 IMG_9319IMG_9311   IMG_9324 IMG_9346  IMG_9404



Makes me want another one.  Thanks for sharing your little piece of heaven with me L and J.  Can’t wait for you to see the rest. 

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  1. Oh man! This just made me so baby hungry. Which is a good thing because we have baby #4 coming in August. They are all such beautiful photos. I especially love the one of her smooshed up against her momma and then the one of her stretching her arms above her head. So so SO cute!!!



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