Saturday, June 01, 2013

Bar Harbor in the rain - 2013

IMG_6351We had to adopt the motto: We are Waterproof! on our trip to Bar Harbor this year because it rained 85% of the time.  We still pushed through and did all of the traditional stuff.  The kids were thrilled by the rain.  I tried my darndest not to let it get me down, I even enjoyed parts of it, but it was an exhausting adventure this year.  Full of grit and push through. 
Since I’m posting about this so far after our trip, I’ll let the pictures tell the story.
IMG_6347IMG_6349IMG_6360Sand BeachIMG_6354IMG_6357IMG_6365IMG_6389

IMG_6559IMG_6560Cookout in the rain.  Motherhood grit. IMG_6561IMG_6564Beautiful light though. And Charlie LOVED cavorting with these boys and fire. IMG_6566
IMG_6397Biking to Jordan Pond via Eagle lake and Bubble pond.  Hazel had her own bike for the first year this year!
IMG_6399Biking for Peter was exhausting. IMG_6406IMG_6403Spring green carriage roads for miles and miles.  We felt alive.  Especially on the down hills. IMG_6501The group.IMG_6503IMG_6395Eating popovers at the Jordan Pond house. IMG_6396IMG_6505
Shumlings (stallings and shumways) in the pool.  The pool was warmer than the air.  IMG_6507Church of the rocks. IMG_6511Finding a “wild” lobster. IMG_6513IMG_6519Potty training can’t take a vacation. IMG_6534A Sunday hike with just the moms while dads napped.  IMG_6536IMG_6537I love this cliff walk hike right above Sand Beach. IMG_6540IMG_6546And the beach after the hike….. amazing.  Especially in the rain. IMG_6547IMG_6549IMG_6552IMG_6553The sun finally came out for Memorial day, so we stayed late with the Stallings to try to dry out before heading home.
IMG_6574More biking.  Charlie by Eagle Lake.  So great to have two kids propelling themselves!IMG_6575IMG_6576And one little motor Emmeline behind Jeff. IMG_6606Peter actually biked this last bike ride on Memorial day.  He was stopping crowds riding that little balance bike.  And giving me a heart attack as he sped down those carriage roads.  IMG_6613IMG_6617IMG_6619He only tipped once the whole time.  He was mighty proud of himself. IMG_6624Can you see it?  That look of accomplishment? IMG_6625IMG_6635
We LOVE you Bar Harbor! Even in the rain.
Until next year!

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