Sunday, October 25, 2015

Last Day in London

IMG_8093After coming home from the north we spent one last day in London.  We rode through Woodford green for one last cream filled doughnut and into London for a few stops at some of our favorite places. 

It was rainy, as it should be in London.  And we pushed through to Portobello road to buy some antique-ish souvenirs.  IMG_8096IMG_8097And then we got the treat of all treats, a meet up with some dear old friends, the Snows . We have sorely missed them since they moved away from Boston and it was so great to see them in London where they had been living for the summer.

We met up in Covent Garden.  I spotted them across the crowd while watching a juggler.  Cheesy, I know, but I got all choked up seeing this great friend of mine there in London with her children, soaking it all in.  It gave me a little glimpse of what my life looks like, with all these kids, in a big new city, experiencing it together.   IMG_8102We ate at Shake Shack (peter looks delighted, no?) and listened to some awesome musicians and took some pictures by the my fair lady flowers before we headed to Hyde Park to meet up with Danny.  IMG_8106IMG_8111IMG_8114IMG_8149The kids played on that big giant pirate ship (which Peter wasn’t old enough to fully appreciate last time we were here) while I caught up on the Snows life.  Made me wish more than ever they had never moved away. IMG_8118Then we asked Charlie to take a picture of us.  That silly boy, he feigned incompetence in getting the whole group in the picture while secretly he was just taking selfies of himself and purposefully leaving people out of the shot.  I didn’t realize he’s such a jokester.  Gave me a little glimpse into what we have in store for us once he’s a teenager.  IMG_8136IMG_8143Finally he got a good shot. IMG_8144IMG_8145IMG_8153It was sad to say goodbye to London and to Amy and to all these memories, new and old.  The old ones did feel much more permanent in all of our minds, like revisiting them really did imprint them deeper into who we are.   And that makes me happy.  IMG_8151

Here’s a little video we made to keep us all happy along the way while we were in London/England/Prague.

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  1. Ohhhh! London is always a good idea. What great memories.



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