Sunday, October 15, 2006

Deack update! - Decking

The astute among you will notice the "come-along" setup (nylon webbing with a ratchet tightening system). That is because I needed a way to pull some really tweaked boards into position. Saydi and I tried using screwdrivers and prybars, but even then, we couldn't pull hard enough to get some of the board straight. The come-alongs worked great.

We used the same galvanized, ring-shanked nails (see Homestarrunner) for the decking as we did for framing. If I wasn't so lazy, we would have used deck screws, but they're more expensive, and we already had a case of the framing nails. I put three into each 1x6 piece of decking on every joist, and it seems really solid.

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