Sunday, October 15, 2006

Deck update! - Joists

If I were building another deck, I think I'd be a little more obsessive about getting the height of the joists just right, but this worked out OK. The best part here was the framing nail gun a friend lent me. After some experimentation, I learned how to bang in the hooks in the joist hangers enough to hold it in place. Then you push the joist into place more exactly with one hand and use the nail gun with the other.

Note to self...nail guns will punch through metal straps, but only if its a perfectly flat metal surface and you hit it perfectly square. I tried to put a nail through the inside corner of a joist hanger and it curled up, came back and hit me in the chest. Left I nice welt. I did use the nail gun to put one nail up through the bottom of each strap and into the joist vertically. This allegedly keeps the joists really tight.

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