Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Puerto Rico: Part II Culebra and Flamenco Bay

So, this is where Jeff and I had our first kiss. It is the most amazing beach I have ever been too. I had forgotten how incredible it was. These pictures really don't do it justice. The water is crystal clear and the sand powder white and the ocean is such an amazing mix of blues. It felt kind of unreal to be there again.
Jeff and I hung out there for a day, along with a million Puerto Rican Spring Breakers who had all come to camp for the week. We had planned on camping too, but after feeling herded like cows on the ferry (and almost not even getting a spot) with a slew of teenage puerto ricans we decided to find a cheep hotel in stead. We were glad we did when we realized that everyone in Puerto Rico from 18 to 21 was going to be camping and thumping all night long on that beach.

We did get to go to the beach at night. There was a full moon and a ton of stars. It was so good to feel reconnected with nature again and with jeff....
Normally Flamenco beach doesn't have a lot of waves, but there were some strange wind patterns and the waves were pretty good. Perfect for body surfing (see next blog entry!)
Spring Breakers everywhere!
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