Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Puerto Rico! Rain Forrest

So, we did it. Jeff and I went away with out the kids. We went to Puerto Rico mostly because it was the cheapest flight we could find. But also thought it would be cool to go back there since that is where we had our first official date and our first kiss. It was so fun to relive all of that and try to remember how we felt about each other. It's so weired trying to put ourselves back into that mindset after having been married now for almost five years. We knew so little about each other!

Anyway, we really had a great time. We had to do everything on the cheap, but jeff and I are good at that. It wasn't the most relaxing vacation ever, but it was adventurous and fun and without kids.
The first few nights we spent at a little guest house in the "El Yunque" rain forest. The guest house was owned by a woman named Nilda. She was extremely nice and almost made up for how un-nice the accommodations were. Our room was clean and big and well worth the 65 bucks, but it only felt luxurious if we thought about how our kids weren't there with us, or if we compared it to some of the horrible places we stayed in in the Philippines. She had, however, stolen some towels from the luxury hotel on the ocean and lent them to us so we could go there and hang out on the beach and at the pool and pretend that we were rich. We went on a great hike through the rain forest during a huge warm and wonderful rain storm. We hiked up to a man made stone tower that was situated in a "cloud forest." At the top of the tower you were completely surrounded by clouds and all you could see was white. It was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. It almost felt like we were inside a domed white room or something.

This is Nilda's guest house. The grounds were amazing with a great view of the ocean and out to our little island of Culebra.
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