Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ponkapog Slide Show


  1. Hi Saydi! What darling pictures of your kids! I love reading your blog, and your photography is amazing! Thanks for sharing. We cant wait to see you guys again. Love ya!

  2. Hey girl, your kids are so cute. I would love to catch up sometime. E-mail me your number again...I lost it. murielcollison@hotmail.com

    I a having so much fun reading Shawni and Josh's blogs too.

  3. Saydi - I'm so glad to have found your blog. I love that I get to live by Shawni and hear the little updates of your life. I love Boston and am so jealous that you get to live there. Take care, and I hope you don't mind me checking in every once in a while!!

    Also, I was interested in your post about Kristy Maughn moving to Boston. She probably doesn't even remember me, but tell her Kara Poelman said "hi". She looks great...and so do you!



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