Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Two weekends ago we took our (what is now) annual trip to a great little spot called Ponkapog. Our good friends the Petreys organized a bunch of our favorite families to go. Unlike our last camping trip, things went really smoothly with the kids and we all really enjoyed ourselves. I think the key difference was cabins in stead of tents. In our little cabin we had a separate screened in porch where Jeff and I slept so if Charlie did wake up in the night he didn't want to play "bulldozers with us."
Here is a really dark, blurry picture of our little cabin. At least you get the idea.

The colors were just starting to turn. Hazel is really excited about fall and much to my delight LOVES to collect all the pretty leaves (we don't have the same definition of pretty!).
She also LOVED the outhouses and conveniently had to go to the bathroom much more often. Oddly, whenever she went she wanted me to shine the flashlight down into the pit so she could see that glorious site. Gross!

One thing we love about this little spot is that they have a really fun little dock and pond.

This is Hazel going to Costco in her car. She informed Jeff that this wasn't a car, but a mini van and that she was going to buy eggs and milk. Maybe she's as obsessed with Costco as I am. Sad.

Yes, Charlie really loves flying through the air. Check out the slide show for more of these.

And this is what Charlie looks like
when Jeff is too tired to throw him up any more. He is quite a dramatic,

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