Friday, October 26, 2007

Shawni, Lucy and Wellesley

Next we had Shawni, Elle and Lucy come out. We had such a great, exhausting and exhilarating few days in Boston. Man, when Shawni comes it means that you really get to capture things in pictures. It feels so nice to know that she's taking care of the documenting....I can just relax (except for when I'm trying to get my kids to cooperate and smile). She is such a great photographer and it was so fun to pick her brain. We got up early the morning after she came to squeeze in a leaf peeping trip up north before we had to go and get out to Wellesley to meet char. I told Hazel we were going "leaf peeping" and she immediately said that she needed to go pee pee. Turns out she thought we were saying "leaf peeping" and insisted that she get to go and pee on the leaves. I think we were successful in teaching her about the word "peep" because we made it through the trip without any pee pee accidents.

We ended up at one of my favorite spots: Plum Island. As soon as we got there we had to run out to the foggy beach with just enough time for a few pictures and rush back out to Wellesley.

Just one of what seemed like a trillion photo shoots. I think they worth all the eye rolling and tantrums.

This little miss seems to always know exactly what she wants. Look at that attitude! Love it.

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  1. Oh I remember when we visited Wellesley and it was soo gorgeous. Remember? I loved visiting Boston too. We had so much fun! I miss you and love seeing all the pictures. How come everyone in your family is so talented with the camera?



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