Sunday, November 04, 2007

Highlights from the week and Charlie's Peeper

In my attempt to stay on top of this blog here are some highlights from our week:

  • trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. i love our neighbors. it feels so nice to feel rooted here.
  • charlie and hazel jumping in charlie's crib. This is a new morning ritual. I go into Charlie's room to get him out and he won't come out until he has had a chance to jump like crazy in his crib. Me: "Good Morning Charlie! Do you want to come out?" Charlie: "No, NOT YET! Hazel, here, jump!"
  • Brushing our teeth together as a family. We all have electric toothbrushes and the kids have caught on to Jeff harmonizing with the vibration. I think they think that's an essential part of brushing their teeth. It is quite the chorus when we're all in there together. I love that moment in my life.
  • Reading through a ton of email replies to my request for addresses for our thanksgiving card. My life is so full of good friendships.....what a blessing.
  • Wicked, of course.
  • I GOT A GPS! Man, am I in LOVE with that devise. It is so nice to drive into downtown Boston and not get lost. What an amazing invention. I think it will change my life (and jeff's more me calling him up at work while frantically lost and late.)
  • Visiting teaching. I really love my companion and those I visit. I really should do it every month....what a novel idea!
  • I've been keeping a very quick, but daily journal of how God has been blessing our lives as a family and this has made a huge difference in my happiness level. It's not that God is blessing me more, I'm just more aware which brings so much joy. If you want to really feel the spirit read Elder Eyring's latest conference talk here. Or, even better, listed to it. It's pretty powerful.
  • Waking up this morning at 6:30 feeling GREAT! I love daylight savings time switches.
  • Jeff left me and will be gone for 13 days! How am I going to survive Hazel's current stage alone? Please pray for me. Seriously.
And last, here is one of my favorite pictures of Charlie that I didn't get a chance to post. This is with Eva's boys at Plum Island in late September on an amazing Indian Summer day. He is clearly very proud of himself.


  1. Hey, such a great entry Sayds! Charlie is going to love showing this picture to his girlfriends! I love that you love where you're planted!
    Fun costumes! Halloween is just so fun and creative!
    Love you,

  2. Love the pictures. Hope to catch up soon. I will keep trying.


  3. Um, by the way, several days later, I am STILL laughing about this picture. He's just so proud.



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