Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hazel's Dance Class

For the past 8 weeks Hazel has been in a tap/ballet class. She LOVES it. She can't really quite get a bunch of the stuff that she's supposed to do, but she's at that magical age where she doesn't really care.....doesn't even notice. She's perfectly content to just do her own thing. That's what I love about Hazel. She really walks to the beat of her own drum. Charlie spends nearly the entire hour of class looking longingly under the door at the dancers. If they ever open that door he's in there in a flash, ready to dance. Poor little guy. Maybe next year he'll be big enough. Maybe we have a Billy Elliot on our hands. I love how he idealizes Hazel. Unfortunately he's been following some of her less desirable behaviors lately. Sigh.
For live action shots of Hazel dancing check out our youtube channel here.


  1. Okay, I looked at the Utube vidoes...your kids have such personality. Love it.


  2. Saydi - one the photos of dance class are amazing! i love how you capture everything! Two your kids are stinkin' cute!!! Hope you're great!



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