Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!

First, I feel like I need to say that we did survive Jeff being gone for two weeks. We survived, but words can't express how happy we were to see him when he walked in on Thursday morning in the middle of the Joy School chaos all ready to help out (despite being pretty exhausted from training).

That day was spent crazily trying to get packed up and ready for our big trip as well as madly trying to get our thanksgiving cards addressed and in the mail. Which brings me to the second thing I want to blog about today: my thankful list on the back of our Thanksgiving Card.* I wrote that dumb card at 3am after having lost unsaved changes on the picture collage twice! I had to send it out to the printer the next day and it wasn't until I got them back all printed and ready to go that I realized what a totally spaced out list of thankful things that was. Yes, I am thankful for blogs, but they're not my number one. Yes, I'm super grateful for my new GPS, but there are other things that probably should have made it on there first.

Here's my corrected (and very incomplete) list: Jeff - two perfectly healthy and generally delightful children who are actually friends now- Jesus Christ - the meaning the gospel gives to everything we do - amazingly supportive extended family who we not only love, but genuinely like - the strong supportive ward we have - so many good friends in Boston and all over - all the opportunities to broaden and contribute that we've had and that are still to come - hope for still a better world. And, like I said on the card: love.

So, moral of the story? Don't write a card you're going to send to all your dear friends and family at 3am. Next year Jeff will write the card, so be excited!

* for those of you who didn't get one it means that you're either in our ward or we've tried our darndest to get your address and haven't been able to track it reply to this post with your address so we can send you one and get one to you on time next year.


  1. Saydie --

    I just rediscovered your blog from Stacey's blog.

    You are now on my feedreader so I won't miss any more updates!

    Wow - alone for two weeks with the kids. IMpressives!


  2. Sister Eyre we are so happy to see you and your family. It has been so long. Chuck, Saydria, Ellyse and Charlie are all growing so big. Please send us your e-mail address. We have no idea how to get around in the blogging world. Mine is, chuck's is

  3. Loved your Thanksgiving card! I'm so glad we are back in touch! I will be sending a Christmas or New Year's card soon.

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  5. love all your music! have you heard of Ingrid Michaelson? I think you would like her. Happy December!!!



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