Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We Miss You Daddy!

I think my single mothering skills are improving. Here's a picture I took of the kids a year and a half ago when Jeff was gone for a week:And here's the one I took today:They look much happier now, eh? I think I just got a lucky moment. Notice Charlie's Red Sox hat.....he was thrilled to wear it, and I was thrilled he would because he looked like an absolute Greece monkey today.....I poured a ton of baby oil in his hair last night to get out the cradle cap and I can't get it to wash out....any tips?

So I'm halfway through my stint as a single mother. Only half way? Man, this is a long time. It's making me realize two things:
1. Jeff is a saint. I can't believe how much it helps to have him around. I know I've been taking for granted all his help for a long time and I'm repenting now. I've noticed how much different the kids are when they don't have Jeff's around. I can tell they miss the steadiness of him. He's constant and always kind and stern and fun and everything a model father should be. And I miss all the support he gave me (funny, I was just complaining to him before he left that he needed to be more supportive....oops! I guess I was taking that for granted too.)

2. I have an incredible network of friends and family that make this not only doable, but actually enjoyable. I've had friends call in to find out how I'm doing, offer to babysit so i can take a night off, offer to bring me food, come over and visit with me for hours to help me feel sane again....the list really goes on and on. And to top it all off, my dear In-Laws sent me breathtaking flowers today....what a great surprise, really brightened a pretty tough day (see pictures below).

I realize how lucky I am to have both these things more than ever because the women I work with have quite the opposite. One of the mom's I've been visiting recently has told me that she has two friends in the whole world, her family is far away in El Salvador and the father of the baby took off as soon as he found out she was pregnant. Now she's home in the projects with little food and a newborn baby whose supposed to solve all her problems. Heartbreaking.


  1. Sayds I just got caught up on the good old blog. So inspirational and great. I wish I could be there to hang out with you while Jeff's gone so you could inspire me even more. I'll call and check up on you tomorrow. Sure love you.

  2. Saydi, where is Jeff? I think I knew this was coming but I didn't realize it was NOW! Looks like you're going to survive! What fun pictures! I've never seen the hysterical one of Hazel and baby Charlie missing their dad from last year~!

    Just keep washing that'll come out eventually!
    Love you,

  3. I know what you mean, Jerry works out of state and leaves every morning and comes home Thursday night. it is hard balancing everything and I too took him for granted but not anymore. I just did not realize all he did until he was not there. Some days when I have a jury trial, a sick kid and am exhausted I remember how blessed I am for what I have and it gets me through because even some of my toughest days would be a dream for many others. Hang in there.

  4. Hi Saydi so glad you came by my blog.
    It has been so fun to see your sweet family. I love the picture of missing daddy. I would love to talk with you sometime. I have such wonderful memories of our 3 weeks together. My email is attached! Talk to you soon!

  5. Hi gorgeous lady! And where is Jeff? Head & Shoulders shampoo gets rid of cradle cap very nicely in a few days. Your kids are the cutest ever - I miss you all and wish I could give you big hugs! xoholly

  6. you are AMAZING. Can I be like you someday?



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