Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jonah and Aja and Charity

The first weekend in December we lucked out (again) to have family come into town. We LOVE having visitors (hint hint to those of you who haven't come). Charity was going through the Boston temple in preparation for her mission so my parents, Eli and Jonah and Aja and his family all came out. I loved every crazy minute of it.

Jo and Aj came with Aniston and Elsie a few days early. It was so nice to have them all to ourselves. We spent a morning out at Wellesley and had a great time talking and hanging out. They even took us to our favorite Maldenite restaurant for Steak tips. What good guests. Hazel and Charlie loved having cousins around for the most part (Hazel wasn't too excited at times to have someone competing for her place as the alpha female of the house hold....Jeff and I were thrilled to have someone around who was older and could out boss her for once). Charlie was delighted (as we all were) with sweet little dimpled Elsie. And they both LOVED Jonah and Aja and surely after all that playing in the snow and undivided attention they felt that they had chosen the wrong parents in the pre-exsistance. Man, do we wish we lived closer to Jo and Aj. They're just the coolest people!
Uncle Jo found Charlie a Bulldozer, and he thought he had died and gone to heaven. Will he ever tire of these things?
We got to go out and visit Char at her princess castle. She arranged for us to go up into the Wellesley bell tower, which was amazing, and pretty scary with two little toddlers wanting to toddle on on those steps. Man, we're going to miss those trips out to see Charity. That place is so beautiful, and eating food that I don't have to prepare or clean up is one of my biggest luxuries right now.

Going through the temple with Char was surreal. Our family were the only ones in the session and it was so fun to talk with Char and get her first impressions. It felt so nice to be there with Charity, all grown up. I am going to miss her so much. She really is my best friend here.

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