Thursday, December 27, 2007

wreath making, toilet training and sub for santa

In New England the Christmas season can't really get started until you've been to your ward's annual "Wreath Making" event and created a nice live pine wreath for your door. I love this tradition.....there's nothing like a great Christmas program, good treats and the overpowering smell of pine that comes from cultural hall filled with boughs to get you into the Christmas spirit.
This is me and Heidi and Liz. We really got our money's worth (HUGE wreaths and lots of boughs to take home).........
At the beginning of December I also thought it would be a good idea to toilet train Charlie. Someone had suggested that 22 months is the perfect age and that you could do with this fabulous three day, without having read this method, we headed to target for some Thomas the train underpants and got him all psyched up. He sat on the toilet and sipped apple juice for hours without doing the deed and then, of course as soon as I'd jump up to answer the phone or grab something he'd stand up and pee. After a while I started reading through this "method" and realized that I was doing it all wrong. We're going to try again later. At least we got this great Christmas shot.....too bad this happened too late to send this out as a Christmas card.
So, besides potty training and wreath making, what really got me into the Christmas spirit was the Sub for Santa we did with the Young Women. One of the families that I've been visiting for work was in desperate need of some Christmas cheer. So we took the girls to Target and had them all pick out gifts for different members of this family. We went to a ward member's house to wrap and drink Hot Cocoa and have a little Christmas message and then we delivered them. I was delighted when my client (who is from Egypt and surprised by everything that happens in the US) actually invited them all in (leaders and girls) for some juice. She thought that this was the normal Christmas ritual......I was so happy that those girls had the chance to meet this sweet family and to see how much they need and how grateful they were. There is really nothing like service to really feel the true Christmas spirit.

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